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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions add volume, length, color and curl to your natural lashes.

Feel confident all the time and don’t worry about the everyday hassle of mascara any more.

Every eye is unique and everyone is looking for something different. Relax while you are pampered and let Victoria paint the picture you envision.

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eyelash extensions in lake oswego

 Preparation for the appointment 

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to fill out paperwork, find parking and use the restroom
  • Come in with clean straight lashes. Do not wear mascara or use eyelash curler the day of your appointment
  • Contacts can not be worn during the appointment, please wear glasses or bring a case so you can take them out during the appointment
  • Avoid drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages before your appointment – This will allow you to be fully relaxed during your appointment 
  • Please do not bring children or pets to your appointments this can be distracting and a liability to the salon





aftercare eyelash extensions


  • Clean lashes daily with a foaming lash extension cleanser, brushing cleanser though the lashes all the way to the lash line
  • Brush lashes daily to straighten lashes
  • Avoid any oil- based product such as: makeup, cleanser and moisturizers 
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat such as: barbecue and oven
  • Avoid getting excessive sweat on lashes (clean lashes right after a workout for best retention)
  • Avoid rubbing, picking or pulling lashes
  • Avoid sleeping on lashes
  • Schedule fills every 2- 3 weeks to keep your lashes full and to avoid needed to get a new full set 

*Please note that not following these instructions can affect your retention and in turn you may need to schedule longer appointment time or come in more frequently