Waxing is a semi- permanent hair removal method . By removing each hair from the root you can expect results to last 3-5 weeks. Everyone has different hair growth so results very.


First time brazilian $75

Maintanance brazilian $40

Thong $35

Bikini $30

Cheeks $15

Full leg $75

Half leg $50 

Brow Wax $20

Lip $12

Chin $12

Full face $35

Underarm $20

Full arm $35

Half arm $25

 Preparation for the appointment 

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to your waxing appointment to fill out paperwork, find parking and use the restroom
  • Your hair needs to be at least a quarter inch long (approximately the length of a grain of rice) – If the hair is to short the wax will not be able to pick up your hair
  • Trimming is not recommenced, you run the risk of trimming the hair to short – If you do decide to trim do so carefully and be sure the hair is between a quarter and a half inch long
  • Exfoliating 24 to 48 hours before your appointment is highly recommended – this will help your waxing be less painful
  • Taking a shower the day of your waxing appointment is the best way to ensure cleanliness – there are sanitary wipes at the salon for your convenience 
  • Please do not bring children or pets to your appointments this can be distracting and a liability to the salon

*If you have any type of STD, sun burned in the area to be waxed, using Retin- A, Acutane or similar products you will not be eligible for any waxing services


  • Gently exfoliate two to three times a week with a sea salt scrub to keep your skin healthy, soft and avoid ingrown hairs (between your legs never use a sugar scrub – sugar breads bacteria) 
  • Don’t shave in between waxing maintenance – this messes with your growth cycle and will cause your next wax to be more painful 
  • After your waxing appointment wait 24 to 48 hours to exfoliate, soak in a bath or hot tub 
  • For maintenance you will want to book 3-5 weeks between each waxing appointment – maintenance can very between your growth cycle and how often you would like to come in